My journey as told by the University of Tasmania alumni newsletter:


In 2017, after 30 years in the corporate world, it was time for a new direction. It’s not the first time I’ve reinvented myself. Starting out with a degree in English and Literature and planning on a career in High School teaching I found myself selling advertising space for a publishing company. 8 years later I was selling research robots to the Japanese and the rest of the world and yearning for something more meaningful than exceeding my sales targets and getting a bigger bonus.

I chose law. Returning to university was invigorating, liberating. I graduated with first class honours and spent almost 20 years as a corporate lawyer, 10 of those as a senior executive in large corporations. After winning the 2016 Australian Corporate Lawyer of the Year award I enjoyed 12 months on the speakers circuit sharing my experiences, crafting them into some sort of wisdom, riding the adrenalin of the performance and delighting in the audience questions that allowed me to think that perhaps, in some small way, I was helping.  It made me realise I wanted something new, fresh and more connected to the wider world.  I also realised that, with all this experience, I had something valuable to give to others.

I no longer devote all of me to full time executive employment.  I think you call it a “portfolio career”.  Pursuits include writing (first draft of a novel, various articles), professional speaking, non-executive Board roles, consulting and helping within my community and neighbourhood.

I enjoy most sports and my husband and I have a sailing catamaran called “Live Louder”.  Sailing helps us enjoy more of this beautiful planet and I can write while we travel!

This site documents this new life of writing, sailing, meaningful work, the joy of creativity and whatever else comes along the way.