GenreCon Gluttony

24 Hour Round Up: Too much to cover, total gluttony today. Morning inspirational at the plenary where we heard “words made my heart soar, made me cry” (Claire Coleman) but still wondered whether we might be better off “herding ferrets” or chasing “squirrels” (Nalini Singh), then scattered to the four winds amongst the smorgasbord of panel discussions, workshops and pitch sessions.
Then in the evening, we reconvene like dairy cows coming in for milking at the plenary. Now this was hard core: the business of publishing. Like diving into an ice bath (an enlightening ice bath…) where we begin to understand that our precious babies that we gave birth to (solo, in our pyjamas) must now be a collaboration with – I kid you not – actual professionals! To be honest, I was completely relieved – oh for someone who actually knows what they’re doing to deliver this alien monster to the unsuspecting planet!

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