GenreCon: gobble-fest of the good stuff

GenreCon: a gobble-fest of the good stuff for writers.

How to turn your first “word vomit” draft (copyright @DelilahSDawson) into something a poor defenceless reader can at least keep down (thank you @NaliniSingh), how to shape a compelling first chapter (@DelilahSDawson again) and even how to write a realistic fight scene for women (somebody hand me a weapon, preferably sharp! @AikiFlinthart).

I’ve already deleted a page and a half of first chapter tripe so my readers can feast on fresh muscle (nobody loves offal), I know how to wallop my villain in the forearm with a club to ensure he drops his gun and I’m confident that the 6 months between writing the first draft scene that made me cry and re-encountering it in my second draft constitutes sufficient objectivity. The thing that stands out most? The passion and genuine interest of the speakers in passing on all they know about the craft – thank you for your GenreCon generosity.

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